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There is a wealth of research into the teaching of grammar, within the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). This selection directs teachers to a smaller selection of recent research and other readings, which have direct relevance to the teaching of foreign languages within the current British school context.

Primary Modern Languages: the impact of teaching approaches
This 2-year study investigated the progress and preparedness of young learners of French in England, as they moved from primary to secondary school. It explored whether an 'oracy-based approach' or a 'literacy-based approach' leads to better outcomes for learners, in terms of their grammatical knowledge and readiness for further study.

The impact of the Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Language Framework and Changes to the Curriculum on Provision and Practice
A DCSF report published in 2009, which found that the KS3 Framework increased teachers’ focus on explicit grammar teaching at KS3, which also coincided with a decrease in the quantity of target language teaching.

Teaching grammar in the KS2 curriculum
Language World presentation given by Elaine Minett.

Action Research in languages teaching schools
A 2012 publication with several action research case studies on different aspects of languages teaching. Chapter 7 outlines findings from a small study looking into teacher attitudes and practice with regard to grammar teaching.

Grammar teaching across the curriculum
A very interesting presentation by Richard Hudson, looking at the argument for English and foreign languages teachers collaborating to develop grammatical awareness in their learners. There are links to research contained within.

Teaching grammar: does grammar teaching work?
A 2006 online article by Michael Swan making the case for the teaching of grammar to classroom foreign language learners.

The role of grammar: An Insight into the Skill-Building and the Output Hypotheses
Joseph Ponniah, Modern Journal of Applied Linguistics (2009)

Reviewing the case for explicit grammar teaching in the university foreign language learning context
2007 article by John Klapper and Jonathan Rees published in Language Teaching Research

Current Issues in the Teaching of Grammar: An SLA Perspective
Rod Ellis, TESOL Quarterly, Vol. 40, No. 1 (Mar., 2006)

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